This is a collection of my research on Japan and the sengoku jidai. A lot of it was written as an aid or inspiration to writing Inuyasha fanfiction, but much of the information here may be useful to anyone writing historical fiction or roleplaying. I've removed older work which was both inaccurate and uninteresting. Some items I've kept here still seem okay, but if I haven't updated a page since 2005 its accuracy and usefulness is questionable. Online references are listed on each page; I mention some of my text references here.

Since this is all original research, please don't steal. :(

I'd love to hear from you if anything on this site helped you with your creative work, or if you have questions or corrections. Email and LiveJournal is here.

Sengoku Jidai Primer - To help understand the late sengoku, a historical background, an overview of major clans and persons in Eastern Japan, the state of Musashi and Edo, and the economic and monetary system.

Sengoku Jidai Fashion - Detailed description and illustration of the clothing worn by the sengoku jidai characters of Inuyasha.

Japanese Castles of the Hojo: A Field Report - My notes and observations from the ruins of sengoku Hojo castles in modern Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Life in the Sengoku Jidai: The Heimin - General information about the common people of Japan during the sengoku jidai.

Buddhism and Miroku - Buddhism and Miroku's place in it.

Does Anybody Really Know What Jidai it is? - It's my belief that Inuyasha takes place around 1550 AD. Here's why I think so.

History of Japanese Writing Systems - Brief overview of the various means of writing used in Japan.

Youkai and Youki - A quick analysis of the demons and demon-like elements of Inuyasha.

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